I’ll make this quick cos I need to go make a coffee and finish the new chook yard…..In Sept we are going to tour in Japan with our mates Cyberne and Knellt! I will post all dates soon….BUT ALSO….we are playing a bunch of shows BEFORE we head to Japan, all gig info is up on our upcoming shows page and here is a link to gig details on another site that people seem to like – just in case you prefer that.

The final touches are being made to our second album, it will be called IDIOTS and it will be good. We are making 50 special edition copies that will include hand screened art work and will generally be fancier than the rest.

Jem has been extremely busy booking shows, printing merch and dealing with the riffs I keep handing him. The good news is we will be touring with Vaz from Brooklyn in Nov/Dec, who if you don’t know yet are INCREDIBLE!! This tour will see us play in Leeton NSW, a first for DEAD, I played there in 1992 and it was pretty good. I think Jem started school that year.



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