Cyberne are coming back to Australia!!!

Hi everyone, it’s Monday and I just got out of doing a really filthy cleaning job, the week is looking good! In my excitement I thought I’d do a quick DEAD HQ update.

This Sat we play with The Nation Blue and No Anchor at the Tote….it’s gonna be a great show, I hope people brave the cold and rain to come down.

A couple of weeks ago we played at the Batpiss LP launch at the Tote with a bunch of great bands, it was a party to remember, so many top riffs and lovely people…cheers to our Batpiss mates for having us.

We just got confirmation that our mates from Japan, Cyberne are coming back to Australia in November. We will release tour dates as soon as it’s all finalised. Jem and I are over the moon to be touring with these guys again, they are an incredible live band and some of the best blokes we’ve met.

We also have shows coming up with Wicked City, Nunchukka Superfly, BRUCE!, TTTDC, and heaps more we’re stoked about. Please check our Upcoming Shows page for full info.

Also we will doing a DEAD hoodie in the next couple of weeks, it will be a top quality Aussie made non-sweat shop hoodie packed with art printed by Jem. Needless to say it will be a trend setting garment that will ensure you are always a step a head of the fashionistas. I will put up some pics once they are done. Anyone who is interested in a hoodie can contact Jem at Or you can register your interest on our Facebook page here;

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