It’s COLD!!!

Hey friends, I’m sitting in Castlemaine, it’s freezing outside but I just got my internet on and have a cat either side of me warming my lap, just brewed coffee and the needle is down on the latest High On Fire record…..feelin pretty good!

Firstly massive THANK YOU’s to everyone who contributed to our Pozible album fundraiser, it’s awesome and humbling that so many people wanted to take part and help us with the cost of our second album! Over the last month we recorded and mixed the album and it’s almost ready to be mastered. We recorded at Head Gap studio in Preston with Neil Thomason and did vocals at Cellar Sessions studio in Coburg with Max Ducker. Both these top blokes went above and beyond to help us achieve what we were after and I can’t thank them enough….actually I LOVE them! So far the tracks are sounding awesome and at this stage will be released in Nov.

For those who haven’t heard, our friend Blackie from Hard-Ons and Nunchukka Superfly was the victim of a serious physical assault while he was at work driving his cab. Apart from this being ridiculously shit, he won’t be able to work for at least a couple of months due to the head injuries he sustained. Also the Hard-Ons were forced to cancel their remaining tour dates which will see Blackie and the band further out of pocket. We will be playing at three benefit shows that will hopefully help Blackie get back on his feet. The shows are listed in our gigs section and can also be found at In the meantime, anyone wishing to donate to Blackie to help get him through the next few months and help with medical bills etc can do so via the band’s Paypal address:

The Australian version or our first album ‘Thundaaaaah!’ has now sold out, copies of the USA version are still available via



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