DEAD February

Feb 2011- took my son to see legendary Australian fast bowler Jeff Thomson give a talk yesterday, man even with his beer gut that bloke looks like he could still bowl rockets!…well…mixing of our album is complete so just mastering to go and I gotta finish the artwork off too, stay tuned for release dates etc…. Adelaide is fast becoming our favourite place to play, had two rad shows there┬álast weekend, thanks Stevie and everyone else who helped us out! Got two shows coming up this week with Water Temples (USA), please check our gig guide for details. Jem is still printing all manner of merch so please contact us to buy some! One of Jem’s other bands Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour is playing this Thurs at the Arthouse after he plays an early set with DEAD at the Old Bar, I reckon he will need a 2 for 1 gatorade deal to get through it but it’s gonna be good either way! Jace

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