DEAD: Second LP

DEAD seek funding for their second album from THE FANS:

That warm fuzzy feeling that you previously thought could not be bought now can be purchased for as little as $7. And a few clicks of the keyboard and mouse is far less hassle than helping that struggling mum with a pram onto the tram, or the old bloke next door bring in his shopping.

After several failed attempts at gaining government funding for tours and records (which have all gone ahead and racked up a hefty bill) DEAD are joining the crowd funding bandwagon.

It simple; pledge cash, receive cool stuff in return.

Full details can be found here:

And a digital live album found here:


And finally a bake sale/market/record fair type event to be announced in the next month or so.

A more in depth explanation can be found at the link above. Oh and you can suggest other “incentives” you’d like to see from us.
Elisa Bryant has donated a portrait of DEAD (above) that featured (and sold) in her recent exhibition at The Old Bar Gallery

If anyone else has stuff they think would be good to donate please get in contact.

Thank you in advance to all the supporters!

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