DEAD March

Saw Swans on Thursday night…holy shit!!! Jem saw a million bands over a two week period but I was too broke to go and now I have to listen to him drop anecdotes about awesome moments from shows I wish I got to see….I just shut my eyes and try to think of So Good vanilla ice cream or hover cars, but in all honesty, the man is merciless!

Last weekend we played with Monarch (France) and Eagle Twin (USA), was a great show…Eagle Twin are an incredible live band!! Blew my tiny brains out! Also this month we head up to the Wombarra Bowlo to play with Nunchukka Superfly who are another incredible live band…my life is really good at the moment. The following week we travel to Adelaide for two shows, last two trips to SA have been awesome, cool bands, great people! Jem has a lotta pinball planned and hopefully I will get to visit Kegan’s permaculture farm. Please check our upcoming gigs section for all show details.

So we are waiting impatiently for our album to be mastered, at this stage there will be a cassette release in May for the South East Asia tour and then vinyl/download in August for USA tour and the rest of the universe.

DEAD will be touring the USA in Aug/Sept with Unstoppable Death Machines from New York. This will be the first time Jem or I have visited the US, we will be there for a month…and we are stoked!! Details will be posted in the coming months.

Also, Jem was interviewed by Kristy Newton on the Wollongong based Helter Smelter blog page, to read said interview please follow the link.

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  1. keene

    please to consider visiting gainesville, florida. trust me.

    16 April, 2011 at 2:34 pm

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