DEAD T-shirt recycle offer

We need more shirts to print our awesome designs on.
So here are some killer offers.

*Bring in 4 or more blank shirts to a gig and we’ll swap you for a printed shirt + patch or a pair of DEAD Undies.

* Bring in one blank shirt and we’ll print it for you for $5

* Bring in one Hoody and we’ll print it for $10 (they are harder to print!)

* Anything in between just bring it along and we’ll sort you out with a ripping deal.

Why are we doing this?


DEAD use second hand shirts/hoodies to print our merch on. ‘cos we can’t afford decent quality (100%cotton) NON SWEATSHOP shirts and most of them come in shitty cuts.

So when you buy a DEAD shirt you get something truly unique! And you don’t support sweatshops.

Stay tuned for a sweet competition where the best photos involving DEAD merch will win cool stuff.


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