DEAD/Vaz (USA) Split 7″


Hi everyone, well I have 2 things to announce…..firstly IT RAINED IN CASTLEMAINE!!!!! Secondly you can now pre order the DEAD/Vaz split 7″

VAZ/DEAD SPLIT 7″ (Wantage/We Empty Rooms)
At some point in 2012 the Australian band Dead hosted Fargo/Moorehead/New York group Vaz for a tour of their continent. The members of Vaz had been in some other bands (notably, Hammerhead) and so had Dead’s members (Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour, Fire Witch). The tour was nice where the swimming and tunes were concerned. Commercially it failed. The bands toured Malaysia, had amazing curry and parted ways. This 7″ is the commemorative oversized-foam-hand-with-index-finger-pointed-skyward … if you follow, of those tours. It offers up two of our favorite bands of the past 5 or so years, in all their desperate, excellent glory. Dead is a two-piece with a vibe owing to the much-abused “90s,” “Amrep” and “noise rock” descriptors. We think its more like a vegan, southern hemisphere Motörhead, though. Vaz is Apollo Liftoff and Jeff Mooridian’s new, post Hammerhead groups, ca. 1999. Vaz has existed much longer now than Hammerhead ever did, but that’s the reference point most used. To us, Vaz offer up Cold War paranoiac space rock. Desperate, fast, deftly-played and riffy without pandering to anything that could be called “stoner.”

Split label release between WeEmptyRooms and Wantage USA. Total of 313 copies.
Black 7″ records housed in a letter pressed envelope printed by the D.E DuVall Co. in Philly.
100 on kraft stock (mail order or from the band only), 213 on silver/grey.
Double sided screen printed insert printed by WER.

Australian customers order direct from
US customers order direct from
EU customers order direct from 

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