Long overdue update

So I’m not great at doing updates cos I’m usually too busy patting my dog, but there’s been a lot happening at DEAD HQ .

Firstly we recorded a DEAD/BJ Morriszonkle collaborative album with Mike Deslandes engineering. Mike has been great to work with and we’re really stoked with the results.

We toured the US last Aug/Sept, played with some incredible acts including; House Of Lightning, Hepa-Titus, Eat My Shit, Gay Witch Abortion, Vaz, Rabbits, Mr Dad, Lazarus Long, Ben Von Wildenhaus, Big Business, Black Cobra….bloody hell it was good!! We also recorded an album plus a couple of extra tracks with Toshi Kasai in LA.

We have four releases ready to roll out. The first one is a split 12″ with Mark Deutrom. We will announce release details soon.

Lastly we have a few shows coming up in the next few weeks and then a national tour in April with an incredible band from Norway, we will announce details SOON!


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