SE Asia Thank Youz

Hello friends….we had an incredible time in SE Asia! Firstly, huge thanks to Cher and 7x0x7 for booking and managing the tour, we really appreciate all the hard yakka you put in. I can safely say that I would have ended up missing flights and smashing airport computers if it weren’t for Cher stepping in and calmly sorting shit out.

Thanks to everyone who fed us, lent us gear, fed us, helped with shows, fed us, showed us around etc….the hospitality we copped everywhere we went really blew us away!

Thanks to everyone who took photos and video from our shows! We have updated the gallery page with pics from the tour, it’s slowly growing, if you have a pic you wanna share please forward it to us.

Thank you to Joe Kidd from Ricecooker and Shaun Tenzenmen for releasing the cassette, they have limited copies left for anyone interested, and looks like they will be releasing a cd version of the album soon too.

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