US Tour Aug 2013/ Thundaaaaah! Remix Album

We are heading back to the US in August to play the 12th annual “Total Fest” music festival alongside killer bands like Red Fang, Thrones, Fed X, Helms Alee, Gay Witch Abortion and… we need to go on? It is just about the greatest festival in the world. We learned this fact in 2011 when we played it with Big Business (and were the first international band to ever play it – it was a win for all Australians). We Will also play Whynot? Fest in Minot, ND and 16 or so other shows across the north/west coast.

We will also make a new recording in L.A with Toshi Kasai – the man responsible for the sounds of many a killer Melvins, Big Business an other rad bands records.

Holy smoke! We are also releasing a new record; Thundaaaaah! remixed. It is Vol. 1 in the ongoing “Nobody Asked For This” series in which we make records that appeal to an even more limited audience than usual. Click the link below to check it out.

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