US Tour – Thank You, We Had A Blast!

So our August US tour was incredible! We did 16 awesome shows and capped it off by recording a new album with Toshi Kasai in LA.

There are so many people to thank!
In particular Josh Harteis, Josh Vanek, Marty, Kari and all the Total Fest crew.
Josh from Eolian Empire for the being awesome and releasing our LP in such a hands on killer way.
All the guys from The Funeral And The Twilight from Minneapolis, and Towers from Portland. We toured with both these bands, they are amazing musicians and great men.
The organisers of Whynot Fest in Minot, ND. You all rule! The Mr Dad guys…thank you!
There are so many others who put us up, fed us, took photos etc……thanks EVERYONE!

We are still mixing the new recording, not sure when it will be out at this stage it’s going to be a slow process.

In the meantime you can download a compilation of 15 of the best bands we met on tour in the US this year all gathered together in one convenient digital location for your FREE listening pleasure.
download here – 

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