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Dead News

‘We Won’t Let You Sleep’

Part 3 of our 4 part ‘trilogy’ is now available in the hip/retro/cool cassette format. Released by the excellent Haemorrhage Record label from Brisbane. It’s very close to being sold out so don’t snooze if you want one for ya summer beat box or Datto stezza.

Buy it here – http://haemorrhagerecords.bigcartel.com/product/hmg004-dead-we-won-t-let-you-sleep





Vol. 2 of our 4 part trilogy is out and it’s simply wonderful

Buy It here – https://weemptyrooms.bandcamp.com/album/untitle


The Trilogy Vol. II approaches…..

The second installment in DEAD’s four part series “The Trilogy” will be released worldwide on September 30th. Pre-orders for Digital, CD and LP will be released on Sat. 6th August 10am AEST – or as near to then as possible. If you pre-order it you will receive your copy before the release date. It’s called UNTITLE and features BJ Morriszonkle as 3rd member. You can hear a song from it here:


Friday 5th August is the last day you can mail order something and have it sent right away. After that nothing will be sent until September 5th.

DEAD will tour in Australia in November.


Unbelievably Bad Magazine interview

Jem talks to Danger Coolidge about our 4 LP ‘trilogy’ and how we enjoy being high rollers in the music biz.




The Trilogy Vol. I – Collective Fictions – DEAD/Mark Deutrom Split LP

The first release of our 4 LP ‘trilogy’ is out now!

Collective Fictions:

DEAD side features the band in power trio mode with BJ Morriszonkle on keys/noises/weirdness.

MARK side is performed entirely by the one and only Mark D of Melvins/Bellringer/engineer in his own right fame.

Purchase here:




Tym Records Ltd Edition Split 7″ – DEAD / Barge With An Antenna On It

Tym Records from Brisbane has released a split 7″ featuring DEAD and Barge With An Antenna On It. We’re stoked to be a part of this! Our track was recorded at Sound Recordings in Castlemaine by Alex Bennett. These are available in very limited numbers from: http://tymguitars.com.au/collections/vinyl/products/tymrecords044dead-bargewithanantennaonitrecordclub7inch


DEAD / MoE (Norway) – East Coast+Adelaide Tour

Increased tremblings measured of late by the Seismologists of Eastern Australia are no mistake. There is indeed a significant event approaching:

DEAD and MoE are touring together. It’s the double bill you need n your life. You have been warned.

And yes that is THE MoE from Norway; legendary noise rock/avant garde DIY stalwarts.

Two relentlessly active and uncompromising bands; it’s a pissing contest of low end, high output and DIY cred. Remember that time John Farnham sold out 17 concerts at the Tennis Centre? This will be nothing like that.




We have shows coming up with Ithaqua from Japan, they’re INCREDIBLE!!

Also this show in Bendigo;

Rock Against Racism is a super rad, positive way to counteract the forces which wish to portray the community as racist and bigoted.

This event offers an opportunity to stand up and show support for a community that rejects all forms of racism and fascism.

This event is being held on the land of Dja Dja Wurrung Country.

In addition to the range of awesome bands billed to play, there will be speakers and stalls with info, patches and other good stuff available for purchase.

More bands and details of speakers to be announced soon. Current lineup includes:
Dead (Castlemaine)
Diploid (Melbourne)
Older Men (Melbourne)

Entry: $6


Long overdue update

So I’m not great at doing updates cos I’m usually too busy patting my dog, but there’s been a lot happening at DEAD HQ .

Firstly we recorded a DEAD/BJ Morriszonkle collaborative album with Mike Deslandes engineering. Mike has been great to work with and we’re really stoked with the results.

We toured the US last Aug/Sept, played with some incredible acts including; House Of Lightning, Hepa-Titus, Eat My Shit, Gay Witch Abortion, Vaz, Rabbits, Mr Dad, Lazarus Long, Ben Von Wildenhaus, Big Business, Black Cobra….bloody hell it was good!! We also recorded an album plus a couple of extra tracks with Toshi Kasai in LA.

We have four releases ready to roll out. The first one is a split 12″ with Mark Deutrom. We will announce release details soon.

Lastly we have a few shows coming up in the next few weeks and then a national tour in April with an incredible band from Norway, we will announce details SOON!


Black Cobra + Jucifer + DEAD Australian Tour

Hey folks

We’re really stoked to be touring in July with the incredible Black Cobra and Jucifer. Presented by Heathen Skulls this tour will knock ya for six!!


Captains Of Industry Boxed Set!!

Hey friends,

Our new LP Captains Of Industry is out and ready for consumption. Jem has spent the last month printing his arse off to get all the packaging finished and it looks superb! The 180gm ‘super’ deluxe version has sold out but fear not the 140gm ‘regular’ deluxe version with screen printed covers and letter pressed artwork by the D.E DuVall Co. is still available. You can also purchase the album on Cd and digital download. Buy it here: weemptyrooms.bandcamp.com/album/captains-of-industry

We’re stoked to announce that Austrian label Rock Is Hell is a releasing Ltd edition boxed set version of Captains Of Industry. This will include 3 x LPs including a side of remixes by Toshi Kasai, 2 x live cassettes a wooden box and a lot of screen printed art. These will be limited to 66 copies. Coming SOON!

Also our latest t-shirt design is available from here: weemptyrooms.bigcartel.com/product/dead-gas-mask-tee

Charity Auction

Hey everyone, earlier this year I had the honour of doing this art for a split 7″ of two of my favourite all time bands Hard-Ons  and Melvins. I’m auctioning off the original drawing together with a copy of the 7″ donated by weemptyrooms.com – Record Label & Screen Printing – All proceeds of the auction will be donated to Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre which is a Victorian based not for profit organisation that provides help for women and children experiencing domestic violence http://www.safesteps.org.au 
This will be a silent auction via my email – [email protected] – please email bids and I will post updates as regularly as I can. If you’re not interested in bidding please share this post around so we can raise as much money as possible. I’ll keep this open until Monday 22nd of Dec – Thanks, Jace

Captains Of Industry LP

Greetings head bangers, mods, skins, rastas, liberal voters…..just joking!

We are stoked to announce our new LP “Captains Of Industry” is ready for pre order on vinyl and CD, and for digital purchase.

You can check it out here: http://weemptyrooms.bandcamp.com/album/captains-of-industry

Recorded last year in LA with Toshi Kasai, (look him up if you don’t know his work) this album documents our rise and fall in the cut throat world of corporate finance. Though these events never took place it’s a stern reminder to take care of one another above all else.


Supporting Torche @ The Corner

Well we’re totally stoked to be supporting Torche on Sat 18th Oct at The Corner! We’re on first so come EARLY!!!

Hey friends, we’re excited to announce that on Sat 4th Oct we play Doomsday Festival with Windhand and Beastwars at Yah Yah’s. Come down for heavy riffage! Cheers to Nathan at 666 Entertainment.

New DEAD track

Our ‘Dog TV’ which is an outtake from the album ‘Idiots’ has been released by Austrian label Rock Is Hell on the 2×10″ compilation “Worse Than Expected” – www.rockishell.com

You can hear it here – https://weemptyrooms.bandcamp.com/track/dog-tv

Bass Vulgaris Interview Pt2

Part 2 of Jace’s interview with Bass Vulgaris can be found here – http://bassvulgaris.com/?p=258

DEAD/Vaz (USA) Split 7″


Hi everyone, well I have 2 things to announce…..firstly IT RAINED IN CASTLEMAINE!!!!! Secondly you can now pre order the DEAD/Vaz split 7″

VAZ/DEAD SPLIT 7″ (Wantage/We Empty Rooms)
At some point in 2012 the Australian band Dead hosted Fargo/Moorehead/New York group Vaz for a tour of their continent. The members of Vaz had been in some other bands (notably, Hammerhead) and so had Dead’s members (Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour, Fire Witch). The tour was nice where the swimming and tunes were concerned. Commercially it failed. The bands toured Malaysia, had amazing curry and parted ways. This 7″ is the commemorative oversized-foam-hand-with-index-finger-pointed-skyward … if you follow, of those tours. It offers up two of our favorite bands of the past 5 or so years, in all their desperate, excellent glory. Dead is a two-piece with a vibe owing to the much-abused “90s,” “Amrep” and “noise rock” descriptors. We think its more like a vegan, southern hemisphere Motörhead, though. Vaz is Apollo Liftoff and Jeff Mooridian’s new, post Hammerhead groups, ca. 1999. Vaz has existed much longer now than Hammerhead ever did, but that’s the reference point most used. To us, Vaz offer up Cold War paranoiac space rock. Desperate, fast, deftly-played and riffy without pandering to anything that could be called “stoner.”

Split label release between WeEmptyRooms and Wantage USA. Total of 313 copies.
Black 7″ records housed in a letter pressed envelope printed by the D.E DuVall Co. in Philly.
100 on kraft stock (mail order or from the band only), 213 on silver/grey.
Double sided screen printed insert printed by WER.

Australian customers order direct from www.weemptyrooms.com
US customers order direct from www.WantageUSA.com
EU customers order direct from www.x-mist.de 

Bass Vulgaris interviews Jace

This is part 1 of a 2 part interview I did recently with Michael from Bass Vulgaris, he’s done a bunch of great interviews!


DEAD/Cyberne Tour Done N Dusted

The Cyberne/DEAD tour is now over and it was a fucking corker. And it looks like every city won an award. These are highly coveted in the music industry:

Sydney: Most chunders in the dunnies before the show even started. Go easy folks!

Moruya/Leeton: Equal tie for greatest hospitality.

Canberra: Greatest crowd enthusiasm to size ratio.

Melbourne: Lowest attendance (home town pride)

Castlemaine: Best dancers, best food AND a green room!

Adelaide: In a landslide victory took out the crown for least amount of punters willing to pay any more than $10 entry.

Geelong: In another landslide they took out craziest audience within the first 30 seconds.

I think we played with more killer local bands on this tour than any before. We are very lucky to be able to do this. And of course there are countless people who helped make the tour happen.
And to anyone who came to a show, bought a t-shirt or something thank you very much. We hope we can bring these guys back out again sometime, they are truly a world class live band.

Thank you SO much to all the folks who helped us out in so many ways on the tour!!!!!!!!!!!


US Tour – Thank You, We Had A Blast!

So our August US tour was incredible! We did 16 awesome shows and capped it off by recording a new album with Toshi Kasai in LA.

There are so many people to thank!
In particular Josh Harteis, Josh Vanek, Marty, Kari and all the Total Fest crew.
Josh from Eolian Empire for the being awesome and releasing our LP in such a hands on killer way.
All the guys from The Funeral And The Twilight from Minneapolis, and Towers from Portland. We toured with both these bands, they are amazing musicians and great men.
The organisers of Whynot Fest in Minot, ND. You all rule! The Mr Dad guys…thank you!
There are so many others who put us up, fed us, took photos etc……thanks EVERYONE!

We are still mixing the new recording, not sure when it will be out at this stage it’s going to be a slow process.

In the meantime you can download a compilation of 15 of the best bands we met on tour in the US this year all gathered together in one convenient digital location for your FREE listening pleasure.
download here – http://weemptyrooms.bandcamp.com/album/dead-presents-killer-bands-we-met-on-tour-in-usa-2013 

US Tour Aug 2013/ Thundaaaaah! Remix Album

We are heading back to the US in August to play the 12th annual “Total Fest” music festival alongside killer bands like Red Fang, Thrones, Fed X, Helms Alee, Gay Witch Abortion and…..do we need to go on? It is just about the greatest festival in the world. We learned this fact in 2011 when we played it with Big Business (and were the first international band to ever play it – it was a win for all Australians). We Will also play Whynot? Fest in Minot, ND and 16 or so other shows across the north/west coast.


We will also make a new recording in L.A with Toshi Kasai – the man responsible for the sounds of many a killer Melvins, Big Business an other rad bands records.

Holy smoke! We are also releasing a new record; Thundaaaaah! remixed. It is Vol. 1 in the ongoing “Nobody Asked For This” series in which we make records that appeal to an even more limited audience than usual. Click the link below to check it out.


‘Idiots’ US Release

August 13th our LP “Idiots” cops a US release by PDX based label Eolian Empire, the best fucking label in the Pacific North West. 100 copies, 180g wax and some re worked, silk screened artwork. Beyond stoked to be working with these guys and to find a label that are even bigger nerds for packaging than ourselves! Check this label out. They are a killer label documenting some amazing heavy tunes right now. http://eolianempire.com/

DEAD will play Total Fest – Missoula, MT (with Red Fang, Helms Alee, Thrones, Gay Witch Abortion and heaps more) and a bunch of shows in The Pacific North West with Towers to promote the release.

We will also record a bunch of new tracks in L.A with Toshi Kasai.

All very exciting, all kinda expensive – we’ll be selling a bunch of stuff/offering mad deals on our label stock to raise some fundage for this venture.

Cyberne are coming back to Australia!!!

Hi everyone, it’s Monday and I just got out of doing a really filthy cleaning job, the week is looking good! In my excitement I thought I’d do a quick DEAD HQ update.

This Sat we play with The Nation Blue and No Anchor at the Tote….it’s gonna be a great show, I hope people brave the cold and rain to come down.

A couple of weeks ago we played at the Batpiss LP launch at the Tote with a bunch of great bands, it was a party to remember, so many top riffs and lovely people…cheers to our Batpiss mates for having us.

We just got confirmation that our mates from Japan, Cyberne are coming back to Australia in November. We will release tour dates as soon as it’s all finalised. Jem and I are over the moon to be touring with these guys again, they are an incredible live band and some of the best blokes we’ve met.


We also have shows coming up with Wicked City, Nunchukka Superfly, BRUCE!, TTTDC, and heaps more we’re stoked about. Please check our Upcoming Shows page for full info.

Also we will doing a DEAD hoodie in the next couple of weeks, it will be a top quality Aussie made non-sweat shop hoodie packed with art printed by Jem. Needless to say it will be a trend setting garment that will ensure you are always a step a head of the fashionistas. I will put up some pics once they are done. Anyone who is interested in a hoodie can contact Jem at [email protected] Or you can register your interest on our Facebook page here; https://www.facebook.com/pages/DEAD/107872622609512